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Hey everyone! I'm Allison, I'm 19 and from the Chicago area. I drink, smoke weed, pop pills, and used to do ecstasy. I fuckin' hate straight-edgers, they piss me off! Most of them don't really have a good reason to be sxe, they just do it because it's the cool thing to do. Since when is being a lame-ass the cool thing to do?!

What I really hate are people who have never done drugs before, but consider themselves sxe. The only legitimate sxe kids out there - in my opinion - are the kids who have done drugs before and it's significantly fucked up their lives and have chosen the cleaner lifestyle not to be cool, but because they've learned a lesson from their experiences. But no matter what kind of sxe kid you are, I have no tolerance for preachy bastards who try to force their lifestyle upon others and frown upon you for living your life the way you want to live it! Fuck all that! I've been (and still pretty much am) addicted to Vicodin, and while it's not some hardcore drug or anything, it's still tough to go through that shit. These fucking pansy-ass sxe kids who have never even smoked a joint before don't know what it's like for someone like me (I'm not trying to throw you some sob-story but just lettin' you know how it is), or worse, people who have been through shit like coke addictions, meth addictions, herion addictions, etc. These fucking sxe kids walk around with stupid x's drawn on their hands like it's going out of style and shit. I give all those fucking kids 'til they're 21, in college and dealing with the real world. They'll turn to the bottle quick ;)

Anyways, I hope this community is pimped out more, we need more members!

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