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ahem. [04 Dec 2006|07:25pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

dear straightedge kids:

I hate your obsession with golf, Nike's, and anything camoflauge.  I hate those stupid army hats you wear.  I hate how most of you don't know what straightedge actually is, and those who do are millitant douche bags about it.  I hate how you bitch and moan about people trying to get you do drink or do drugs and then spit on kids smoking cigarettes.  I hate how you reject anyone who has broken edge and then tries to come back from it.  I hate how you can't just appreciate someone's good attempt to live a drug-free lifestyle.   I hate how some of you are so worried about breaking edge that you could be hit by a cement truck, break every bone in your body, and still refuse morphine because your friends at the local venue might not want to hardcore dance with you anymore.

I know that there is a small percentage of "good" straightedge kids.  But for the most part, you guys suck.   Because of you, I refuse to claim edge, even though I have never done drugs or been drunk.    I refuse to have a stick with three x's in it shoved up my ass and run around with tattoos that I'll hate in a few years and don fugly sportswear.   I did the whole "straightedge" thing for a few years before I realized that you guys are elitists pricks who will probably end up doing keg stands at a party in a few years anyway.  Please do the world a favor and get off Myspace, stop preaching, and stop showing off your shoes.  Nobody cares.  

me and everyone else in the goddamn world.


[27 Jan 2005|01:29pm]
hey, i just made a lj and basicly all it is is pictures of me and my friends getting fucked up and parting. add me.

smoke weed every day.

I'm new... [09 Dec 2004|10:59pm]

Hey, I just joined the other day.

What really bothers be about sxe people is that they think they are better that everyone else. Actually, one of my old friends used to smoke weed all the time, but then her and this guy decided to be sxe. No casual sex, right? Well she meets this guy, hangs out w/ him a few times and then asks him out. 16 days laters, she fucks him. I don't normally see anything wrong w/ that, but that fact is that she hardly knew him when they started dating, and then they have sex? That just didn't make any sense to me. And what ended our relationship is that fact of my political preference. She said that everyone she knew that smokes weed, hates that canidate. When, I'm not "everyone she knew". Then she proceded to tell me that she thinks I'm too good for drinking and smoking. Oh, and by the way, this was all over livejournal. She acted like we were in middle school again and had like an internet argument w/ me. So now I see her all the time at my high school's SADD (students against destrctive desicions) meetings, and I think it's sorta funny that I'm in that group anyways, but I know it pisses her off, so I'm not leaving. :-D

And about the whole pushing their beliefs...the guy that she went 'edge' w/ bitched me out when he found out I got drunk one night and he was all like, "Have you ever considered being sxe?" And wouldn't you know, not even a year later, he's back smoking nug everyday.

Sorry for the rant...

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[13 May 2004|08:09am]

i hate unicorns [15 Jan 2004|05:02pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

hmm.. way i see is youth is a temporary thing and these fool are going to be bitter old people looking back on their years wishing they hadnt been such royal pansy asses.. you have your later life to be a shitty bore... now lets all get smashed

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[08 Nov 2003|04:02pm]

when you think about straightedges, it really makes you think.
-am i straight edge because im not a stoner?
-am i sxe because i dont have sex?
-am i sxe because i dont drink?
well, in my opinion, if you want to call yourself a "straight edge" or "sxe", it should mean NO drugs, NO sex, No alcohol, by any means. its just pisses me off how sxe kids are all "lets carve X's into our skin because we are straight edge!" seriously.. its retarded. i have heard that you cant be sxe if you have ever done drugs before, or all that shit. BUT you can become a sxe? idk. its confusing. its just another label i guess. oh and if you drink caffiene i guess your not straight edge either, because caffiene is considered a 'drug'. well thats what i heard, at least. thats all ihave to say. being sxe is kind of lame, and it doesnt make you different, it makes you look kinda lame in a way.
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[14 Aug 2003|07:59am]

7 x

[08 Aug 2003|03:45pm]


im working at a police station now!

har har har.

end :]
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[18 Jul 2003|07:43pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I haven't posted yet. I don't think. But, I think it's stupid that you guys are arguing. I mean, I wouldn't consider myself "straightedged" but, I don't do drugs and shit either. I'm not going to screw up my life and get kicked out of my house. I'm not preaching. I do hate sxe kids, not all of them, but most. But I just think it's stupid that you guys are all arguing.. Ugh. Yeah.

Ask Zara(fuckyourxxxs) she even know I hate sxe kids. *Nod*

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hmmm [25 Jun 2003|09:14am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

people are dumb.
way, way dumb.

but anyway-
zeppelin released like this dvd crap of all this stuff a couple weeks ago, [maybe a month?]
and i was wondering if any of you hip shmoes have gotten yer mitts on it yet?
lemme know.

thats all :]


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[25 Jun 2003|03:36am]
Usually "anti" communities are funny and whether we agree w/ it or not, it's humourous...

That's not the case with this one.

How 'bout you open your eyes & realize you're just jealous we have the strength, ability, motivation, and dedication.

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[22 Jun 2003|02:01pm]

Question: How many straightedge kids does it take to finish a keg?

Answer: One... as long as his friends aren't around

Best. Joke. Ever.
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[19 Jun 2003|11:28pm]

[ mood | bored ]

a straight edge girl just told me just was hardcore.

gettin a little crazy!
oh jeez.

ive lost all my energy to even punk on these kidds.
where is my motivation?
anbody got any green motivation?

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[fuck sxe!] [19 Jun 2003|01:01am]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey everyone! I'm Allison, I'm 19 and from the Chicago area. I drink, smoke weed, pop pills, and used to do ecstasy. I fuckin' hate straight-edgers, they piss me off! Most of them don't really have a good reason to be sxe, they just do it because it's the cool thing to do. Since when is being a lame-ass the cool thing to do?!

What I really hate are people who have never done drugs before, but consider themselves sxe. The only legitimate sxe kids out there - in my opinion - are the kids who have done drugs before and it's significantly fucked up their lives and have chosen the cleaner lifestyle not to be cool, but because they've learned a lesson from their experiences. But no matter what kind of sxe kid you are, I have no tolerance for preachy bastards who try to force their lifestyle upon others and frown upon you for living your life the way you want to live it! Fuck all that! I've been (and still pretty much am) addicted to Vicodin, and while it's not some hardcore drug or anything, it's still tough to go through that shit. These fucking pansy-ass sxe kids who have never even smoked a joint before don't know what it's like for someone like me (I'm not trying to throw you some sob-story but just lettin' you know how it is), or worse, people who have been through shit like coke addictions, meth addictions, herion addictions, etc. These fucking sxe kids walk around with stupid x's drawn on their hands like it's going out of style and shit. I give all those fucking kids 'til they're 21, in college and dealing with the real world. They'll turn to the bottle quick ;)

Anyways, I hope this community is pimped out more, we need more members!


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This rules!!! [18 Jun 2003|09:34pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Wow this is going to be a bad ass community!!

My name is Renee...I love Vodka, weed & mosh pits!
If anyone here would like to add me to their friends list go ahead...everyone here seems pretty cool and I love to meet new friends!


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[18 Jun 2003|02:00pm]

[ mood | okay ]

im jenna.
i like pot, and i like whiskey.
and i dont like 'sXe' assholes.
for a bunch of reasons.
hence my joining.
...thats all.
cheers :]


yay I joined [18 Jun 2003|06:38am]

One of the things I do not like about straight edge kids, is that when you try to explain to them what drugs are, or what their effects are, they still get all scared. For instance, I was trying to explain to a friend of mine what pot really does to you if you don't abuse it. And he got all scared and saying, "I still don't think it's right blahblahblah." Another thing I don't like, is that some of them are hypocrites. They say all this stuff about being straight edge and "pure" or whatever, and they'll be total buttholes and go against everything they say. Bleh. People just don't need labels...

[18 Jun 2003|12:45am]

Straight edge kids piss me off. They are anti drugs and alcohal, which puts chemicals in your body....YET they get tons of tatoos and shit. Umm I think tatoos put plenty of chemicals in your body-and you can get addicted to getting tatooed, too. And sXe kids go around doing everything EXCEPT having sex, because if they have sex that means that they aren't straight edge. I mean...come on, it's so stupid.
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[17 Jun 2003|11:29am]

[ mood | cynical ]

How about we all slap a label to our foreheads.
We can stop drinking & smoking, and we'll call ourselves sXe.
We can walk around, draw x's on each others hands, and throw a fit when we see others doing something illogical. Ie : smoking & drinking.
That would be rad.

11 x

[17 Jun 2003|12:09pm]

Straight Edge

Go now people.

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